Founded in 2005, Akfen Environment and Water Investment, Construction, Operation Co. (Akfen Environment and Water) develops water, wastewater, and environmental infrastructure projects for Municipalities, Organized Industrial Zones, industrial plants and service facilities, and offers engineering, investment, construction, and operational solutions designed to answer the needs of its clients from the Public and the Private Sector.

The mission of Akfen Environment and Water is to recover the major economic losses that emerge in Turkey’s existing water, wastewater, and environmental infrastructure, and to ensure that the public and the private sector receive continuous, reliable, and sound infrastructure services through state-of-the-art investments with a focus on efficiency.

Delivering services via Build-Operate-Transfer, Concession, and Turnkey Delivery Construction and Operation & Maintenance contract models, Akfen Environment and Water develops projects on the design, financing, construction, and operation of water and sewage networks, distribution of grid water from ground and above-ground water reserves, treatment plants, desalination plants, and integrated waste management plants.

Capable of delivering services via models such as the Public Private Partnership, EPC and EPCf Akfen Environment and Water offers to the public and private clients reliable and competitive solutions based on quality and operational efficiency in the planning and implementation of project management, design, detail engineering, construction, mechanical, and electrical works.

Turkey’s Leading Company in Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Akfen Environment and Water is the first company in Turkey that has implemented Municipal Water and Wastewater Utilities and organized industrial zones industrial wastewater treatment plants investments using PPP models.

Furthermore, Akfen Environment and Water is the leading company in the industry delivering Integrated Waste Management Services using the PPP model in City Hospitals, and creating methods and service standards for the City Hospitals Waste Management Services.

Akfen Environment and Water is one of the important players of the Turkish Water and Environment industry with the pioneering role it had undertaken in the development of Public Private Partnership projects, its experience in developing long term reliable projects, project financing strength, state-of-the-art practices, and well experienced human resources.