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Founded in 2005, Akfen Environment and Water Investment, Construction, Operation Co. (Akfen Environment and Water) develops water, wastewater, and environmental infrastructure projects for Municipalities, Organized Industrial Zones, Industrial Plants and service facilities, and offers engineering, investment, construction, and operational solutions designed to answer the needs of its clients from the Public and the Private Sector.

The objective of Akfen Environment and Water is to recover the major economic losses that emerge in Turkey’s existing water, wastewater, and environmental infrastructure, and to ensure that the public and the private sector receive continuous, reliable, and sound infrastructure services through state-of-the-art investments with a focus on efficiency.

Implementing its projects via different models such as the Public-Private-Partnership, Concession, Build-Operate-Transfer, Turnkey Delivery Construction and Operation & Maintenance contracts, Akfen Environment and Water develops projects on the design, engineering services, financing, construction, and operation of water and sewage networks, distribution of grid water from ground and above-ground water reserves, wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, desalination and waste management plants.



Developing and implementing the first PPP projects in Turkey in Water, Wastewater, and Environment, Akfen Environment and Water solves the financing issues and inadequate performance problems encountered in project processes in cases whereby the public capital is limited, using PPP models such as Build-Operate-Transfer.

Through PPP projects, Akfen Environment and Water successfully implements state-of-the-art investments that maintain the risk and the responsibility balance of the Public and the Private Sector, and increase the service quality and cost effectiveness. A company specialized in the introduction of financing, engineering, legal, and administrative solutions that are suitable for the project, Akfen Environment and Water implements PPP projects that have been designed for the needs of public administrations with its specialized and experienced teams.

The Güllük Municipality Water and Sewage Networks Construction and Operation Concession Project and the Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone Wastewater Treatment Plant Build-Operate-Transfer Project undertaken by Akfen Environment and Water as an investor in the Water and Wastewater industry were financed by international development banks via long-term project finance loans, and are the exemplary and pioneering projects of Turkey.


A company specialized in engineering, procurement and construction works in Water and Sewage Networks, Wastewater Treatment Plants (Household and Industrial), Potable Water Treatment Plants, Seawater Treatment Plants, Sludge Treatment Plants, and Solid Waste Facilities, Akfen Environment and Water is among the strong and reliable companies of the industry in Turnkey Delivery Construction works with its high quality and state-of-the-arty projects.

Capable of delivering services meeting international standards via models such as EPC, EPCf etc., Akfen Environment and Water offers employers reliable and competitive solutions based on quality and operational efficiency in the planning and implementation of detail engineering, construction, mechanical, and electricity works.

The priority Turnkey Delivery Projects related objective of our Company, which has proven itself in qualified EPC projects requiring process engineering based on state-of-the-art technology, intensive inter-disciplinary coordination, and a high level risk management is to ensure that Turkey has highly qualified infrastructure facilities that require state-of-the-art technology and engineering implementations.


Akfen Environment and Water offers integrated waste management solutions that encompass all stages of waste management from the sorting at the source to the temporary storage, from the logistics operations to recovery and disposal processes of medical, hazardous, electronic, packaging, and household wastes that are generated due to the activities of Health Institutions, Municipalities, and Industrial Plants.

Offering the services of planning the waste plants and site management processes for its Public and Private Sector clients, making the investments for plants, equipment, consumables, and specialized personnel suitable for the project, and carrying out the management of the site and logistics operations, Akfen Environment and Water also provides integrated solutions for Employer requirements for recovery, disposal, reporting, and site management.

Having designed, and currently managing, the Integrated Waste Management Services of the first 3 City Hospitals that have started to deliver services in Turkey with the PPP model, Akfen Environment and Water, has become the pioneer and the leader company in the industry as it has set the method and service standards for the City Hospitals Waste Management Services.

Integrated Waste Management projects of Akfen Environment and Water include highly qualified projects such as 6 City Hospitals, İstanbul Fast Ferries, and the Mersin International Container Port.


Akfen Environment and Water offers rehabilitation, maintenance, and operation services in order to ensure the efficient and the profitable operation of Water, Wastewater, and Environment plants which will be operated for the first time, or which are currently operational, but are unable to meet the performance expectations.

Thanks to the experiences brought to our Company by our capability to design and implement state-of-the-art improvements with a focus on efficiency and by the fact that can undertake different roles during the course of our construction and operation projects, both as an investor and a contractor, and thanks to our specialized team, we attain, at the short time, the targeted performance criteria and improvements targeted in the plants the operations of which we have taken, and we build long term collaborations with our Employers.