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Istanbul Fast Ferry (IDO)
Waste and Environmental Management Services

Akfen Environment and water delivers the services of sorting, collecting, separating, temporary storage, recycling, and disposal for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes arising from operations in all marine vessels, land operations, port areas, and offices within the Istanbul Ferries (IDO) operations. In addition to integrated waste management services, Akfen Environment and Water also delivers the operation, maintenance and repair services for IDO’s biological household wastewater treatment plant as well as legislation follow-up, laboratory, analysis, and reporting services within the scope of Environmental Management Services.

Within the scope of its integrated waste management and treatment plant operations, Akfen Environment and Water employs staff members in 5 separate terminals within IDO; and all processes for the transportation of all wastes generated within IDO, the recycling and the final disposal thereof, and all the processes for the operation of the wastewater treatment plant are being managed by our full time staff members.

Hazardous wastes generated from operations are transported with vehicles that have Waste Transportation Licenses and are disposed of at licensed waste processing facilities. Packaging Wastes are sorted and pressed at the source, and are sent away from the plant for recycling. Non-recyclable and non-hazardous wastes are managed together with the relevant municipality. Scrap wastes which may arise due to operational processes are recovered at licensed facilities. Waste Management processes are carried out in compliance with Zero Waste Regulation and Waste Management Regulation.