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Waste Management Services of the City Hospitals
of T.R. Ministry of Health

Akfen Environment and Water is delivering integrated waste management services using high quality equipment, state-of-the-art technology automation, and reporting systems with specialized staff members at international standards in compliance with the principles of sustainable waste management and zero waste philosophy at the City Hospitals under the T.R. Ministry of Health, which have become operational with the Public Private Sector Partnership model.

Delivering round the clock uninterrupted services for on-site sorting (waste reduction), recycling, disposal, and reporting of medical wastes, hazardous wastes, packaging wastes, and household wastes generated at City Hospitals, Akfen Environment and Water disposes and recycles approximately 120 tons of Medical Waste and 300 tons of Other Waste per month, that is a total of 420 tons/month of waste using processes and technologies to ensure that the environmental impacts are minimized.

Akfen Environment and Water, the first company to provide Integrated Waste Management services for City Hospitals via the PPP model, has designed the Waste Management Services for the first 3 City Hospitals (Yozgat, Mersin and Isparta City Hospital) that have been opened in Turkey, under the supervision, and with the approval, of the Public Administrations, and has become the pioneer and leader Company in the industry by creating the methods and service standards for City Hospitals Waste Management Services.

The hospitals currently served by Akfen Environment and Water, which has planned and created, and is managing the integrated waste management system for 6 City Hospitals (Yozgat, Mersin, Isparta, Ankara, Eskişehir, Tekirdağ City Hospitals) with a bed capacity of 8087;
- Isparta City Hospital
- Eskişehir City Hospital
- Tekirdağ City Hospital