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Acacia Mining Facilities 
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

The design, detailed drawings, construction, and operation works for 3 months for the Industrial Wastewater Advanced Treatment/Recovery Plant with a capacity of 9600 m3/day planned for the treatment of the wastewater from the copper mine and the ore enrichment facilities operated by Acacia Mining in Kastamonu province using state-of-the-art treatment systems available currently, the recovery of the wastewater treated, and its re-use in the mining facilities have been undertaken by Akfen Environment and Water.

The design and the engineering works of the project were completed in 2020, and the construction works that had started in 2021 were completed in the same year, and the facility started to be operated. The wastewater from the copper mining and ore enrichment facilities is treated using physical, chemical, and membrane systems, the effluent water is recovered as high quality water in the form of process feed water, and potable and utility water quality parameters are attained with regards to the effluent water quality values.

In order to ensure that the mining processes can operate in an uninterrupted manner, the system capacity has been divided into two in implementation, and the process was implemented with a redundancy as well as hot redundancy for equipment on the line, and this way the risks that could have been encountered in continuous operation have been eliminated. More than 80% of the treatment plant piping works have been built using open lines (by constructing galleries) allowing fastest intervention for any likely operational risks, and while full control was ensured inside the plant at every step of the process with the location MCCs and an advanced SCADA system, full integration for the mining production processes of the operation to ensure the control and automation of the required water quantity and quality at the operation stage.