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Bodrum Loft 
Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Plants

The design and the construction work for the Marine Water Treatment (Reverse Osmosis) and Wastewater Treatment plants of the Bodrum Loft Vacation Resort, meticulously designed to offer a first rate accommodation experience has been undertaken by Akfen Environment and Water, and the design, engineering, and construction works of the Reverse Osmosis Potable and Utility Water Plant with a capacity of 360 m3/day, and the wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of 160 m3/day have been completed in 2019 within the scope of the project.

All potable and utility water requirements of the facilities consisting of 36 villas, 92 rooms, and 184 beds is covered by the treatment of the saltwater from the sea via the Reverse Osmosis method, and 99% ion removal is made with the Reverse Osmosis membranes. Following the conditioning and chlorination processes using the membrane system, the treated water becomes suitable for human consumption and is provided for the use of the plant.

The household wastewater due to the use of the guests at the Bodrum Loft Vacation Resort is treated at the biological wastewater treatment plant. The capacity of the biological wastewater treatment plant is 160 m3/day, and is designed to serve 800 people. The treated water is compliant with the standard for the classification of recovered wastewater for irrigation purposes in line with the Communique on the Technical Procedures of the Regulation on the Water Pollution Control, and is used for landscape irrigation.

Akfen Environment and Water has currently undertaken the control, maintenance, and repair works of the water and wastewater infrastructure plants for Bodrum Loft Vacation Resort.